Top 6 Warm-Up Exercises to Do at Home Before Yoga

warm up exercises

Although yoga helps to bring mobility and flexibility to our body, it can also lead to some injuries if you are not following a warm up session. In this post, we have listed down some of the best warm up exercises that you can do before yoga. If you have a stiff body then don’t try to overstretch. Just start these routine exercises and see how it gradually removes stiffness from your body. Now, let’s get started with the most loved warm up exercises. 

Top 6 Warm Up Exercises Before Yoga

  • Leg Stretch

warm up exercises : leg stretch

We will commence the warming up session with our first stretch that is known as leg stretch.

You need to lie straight on the floor with your back touching the ground. Now, lift your one leg in a way that makes a perpendicular angle with the ground. Bring another leg too and stick it with the one which is already lifted. 

This warmup is essential for a lower body part that targets calves, hamstrings, fronts of the shins, ankles, and feet. Don’t feel sad if you face trouble while straightening your legs as yoga needs consistency to achieve that desired mobility. Also, don’t go beyond your limits and pressurize yourself.

  • Eagle Arms

warm up exercises : eagle arms

This has to be done while seated in an easy pose. Move your arms to the point where shoulders are placed. Don’t uplift your shoulders and try to keep them away from your ears. Now, cross your arms in an alignment that is parallel to the floor. With this stretch, you can able to get flexibility in areas like the shoulder blades and the center part of your spine. Make sure to provide an equal amount of time to each of your arms when placed on the top. 

There are lots of yoga equipment available in the market like the best mountain bike that will enhance your growth towards flexibility. With cycling, you can improve the core strength that is composed of 35 muscles. 

  • Child Pose

warm up exercises : child pose

Child pose is one of the favorite warm up exercises for lazy people like me. This stretch is no more than a resting pose that works on the thighs and hips area. To do this pose, you need to fold your legs so that the toes could touch each other. Place your hip on the heels part. Don’t join your knees, make a significant distance between them so you can sit properly. You can widen your knees as per the hips-width apart. 

Gradually, exhale and bring the torso towards the floor. Your head should be on the mat in a resting position. Try to stretch your back as much as you can. Also, your palms should be wide apart and touch the floor. 

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  • Pelvic Tilts

warm up exercises : pelvic tilts

Pelvic tilts are the easiest warm up exercises among all discussed above. You need to start by lying straight on the floor with your back touching the ground. Bend your knees and try to tilt your pelvis upwards and downwards. 

These small movements can provide warmth to your back and help to remove the remaining stiffness. Pelvic tilts can be done by everyone so make sure to try it out for an enhanced spine. 

  • Easy Twist

warm up exercises : easy twist

This is the fifth exercise that you can add to your warm up routine. To get into the easy twist, first, cross your legs. Now, move your upper body towards the right by placing the left hand on the right knee and the right hand behind the back. You need to look at the right shoulders while doing this exercise. 

Do the same thing by moving your upper body towards the left, placing the right hand on the left knee, and so on. It would be better if you do a forward bend after completing these two moves. Also, don’t overdo it if you find any kind of difficulty. Make sure that these warm up exercises need to be done gently. 

  • Downward Facing Dog

warm up exercises : downward facing dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana is popularly known as a downward-facing dog. It is one of the best warm up exercises. You will feel stretch around your legs, hamstrings, and calves. It’s also one of the most straightforward asanas. You can do it by lifting your hips through your hands and toes. Make sure that your hands are shoulder-width apart. Moreover, move your heels up and down to feel the stretching in your calves and hamstring area. 

Benefits of Warm Up Exercises Before Yoga

warm up exercises benefits

Your body keeps on witnessing the tremendous benefits when you become consistent with these yoga warm up exercises. Outlined below are some of them: 

  • Low rate of getting injured
  • Make you more focused and attentive
  • Helps in extending body movements
  • Reduces stiffness from our body
  • Improve blood flow into the muscles

Winding Up!

There are lots of yoga poses that will work for your body and mind. Whenever you try, just make sure to do it properly with correct breathing patterns and body postures. Well, this guide covers the easiest warm up exercises that you can complete in 10 minutes. So, ensure to include them in your daily life to get a healthy and fit version of yourself. 

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