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Something for the Weekend…

Happy Friday & last day of spring! (Or fall for those in the northern hemisphere!)

Today in Sydney it is 33 degrees… The hot weather has actually taken me by surprise, and given me a good reminder that Christmas is just a few weeks away now!! Crazy.

How has your week been? Could you sum it up in one word? 

My word would be productive. Launched the new design, finally gave home a spring clean and have been writing up a storm!! I have an announcement to make next week about a little Christmas gift I have been working on for you lovely peeps – come back Monday to find out more ;)

For now, here’s a little light reading for the weekend…

This NPR blog is a new discovery and it’s awesome. This article in particular made me stop and think, beautiful reminder of how small but precious we are.

Yoga Dork reminds us why Downward Dog is oh so awesome and Alanna Kaivalya shares 10 Tips for Becoming Your Own Teacher.

Think this book will be awesome, as the author’s posts over here always make me laugh.

Planning for a frugal Christmas, with help from posts like this.

Lovely piece on keeping a notebook here and a hilarious comic about working as a professional online writer from the Oatmeal.

If you want to start a new habit or shift direction I highly recommend reading this by Sarah Wilson.

Finally, go watch this video, it’s gorgeous!

How has your week been? Could you sum it up in a word? Let us know in the comments below :)

 (image by me, new Jivamukti Sydney flier)

  1. Productive is a great word to be able to use :) My week may have been the opposite, for various small-scale reasons…

    WA has had a brief return to winter this week but I am very glad to have some cool weather before summer kicks off – I can’t believe it’s here already. And as you say, so close to Christmas!

    • Emily

      Absolutely! Especially in WA, I imagine January is scorching :P

      Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Yip, it sure is HOT up in Queensland – 38 yesterday, yeesh!

    My week has been CHALLENGING – due to a certain toddler – always testing ;)

  3. Emily

    Aww, I’m sure!! Wow 38… Gah we have 3 months of this heat!! Haha…

  4. Millie

    My week has been *~relaxing~*… Now exams and over my life is filled with Lots of knitting and swimming – bring on summertime!

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