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Something for the Weekend…

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It’s going to be 39 degrees in Sydney today, and I’m off to practice yoga in an un-airconditioned room with 60 people for 4 hours! Ha! Detox much?!

I’m part way through a five day Yin & Yang Yoga intensive with the lovely Sarah Powers. So far my muscles ache, I’m feeling more deeply stretched than I have in months and I’ve been sleeping like a baby each night. Seriously. Deep. Sleep.

As someone who has practised dynamic, powerful vinyasa for the majority of my nine years yoga-ing, the concept of Yin Yoga has taken me a little time to get used to. Yin is supposed to balance a dynamic, active, strong practice with long held deep stretches that allow the body to unwind and release tension slowly and deliberately. There is also an emphasis on mindfulness meditation, which fits perfectly with my new found enthusiasm for this practice. Once the intensive is over I’ll report back with a proper post all about it.

This week my word has to be thinking. Both good thinking and bad thinking. I have spent a lot of time considering posts I want to write, what I want to say, where to step next. Sadly I’ve also spent a lot of time anxiously worrying, pointlessly despairing and generally spending a little too much time in my own head. Luckily this workshop was exactly what I needed to counter this – bringing me out of my head and back into my body. While my mind has still gone a little haywire relaxing into the Yin postures, we have been softly reassured that this is normal. It will get better. Phew.

How about you? What would be your word this week?

If it is a negative word – what do you need to balance this? If it’s positive, how might you carry this forward into the week ahead?

Oh my goodness I have so many links to share with you today. Let’s get straight into it.

First up, happy to read this article in the New York Times about positive procrastination. Yep, apparently it’s a thing!

Need yet more convincing that meditation is good for you? Check out this article & accompanying Ted talk  about 4 different studies.

More reading – this was very interesting, and this is good long piece for yoga geeks or amateur philosophy nerds (I’m both – nerd-geek?).

Every woman should read this. How we are being sold the image of perfection in ever more subtle (and insidious) ways. This year, how about we just aim for health & a little more happiness rather than a ‘new you’ who is better/thinner/prettier/fitter etc etc…

If you’re looking for female role models, this might interest you. Eleanor Roosevelt was such an interesting woman, I love this quote in particular:

“Usefulness, whatever form it may take, is the price we should pay for the air we breathe and the food we eat and the privilege of being alive. And it is its own reward, as well, for it is the beginning of happiness, just as self-pity and withdrawal from the battle are the beginning of misery.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Would you like a daily reminder to stay positive? Check out what Tammy Strobel suggests, lovely as always at Rowdy Kittens.

As my husband and I slowly declutter our flat in an effort to embrace a more minimal lifestyle, it is good to remind ourselves that living minimally isn’t the end goal. Living with less is a step to living with more – more time for each other, projects we want to work on, good simple food, time spent outdoors. This is another reminder and worth a read.

That’s it from me for the week, better get my leggings on and hustle now! Have a beautiful weekend, if you’re in Aus try to stay cool today, if you’re in the northern hemisphere enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate for me. xx

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