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Something for the Weekend…

Happy Friday to you! Hope your week has been busy and fun, the lead up to Christmas can get a little hectic I know! In years past I have been a super early Christmas shopper, planning months in advance and ordering online. This year, somehow that little routine fell apart and it’s December 14th with no presents bought! Eek! Ah well, time to start…

If I could sum this week up in one word it would be sunny. The weather has turned a corner, and my mood has been happy and light. Sunny feels like a perfect fit.

Yesterday my beautiful cousin came over and shot some pics of me to put up on my professional teaching site (details soon). I’m amazed how good a photographer she is – clearly has a knack for this!! One thing that probably helped was how un-self-conscious I felt with her because she’s more like another little sister.










How has your week been? If you could sum it up in one word what would that be?

Now I’d like to share a few of my favourite links from the last week of reading. Most days have been spent at home on the computer, drafting and rewriting sections of the eBook to be released next Friday (eeeeek! So excited!) and I have been reading a lot online for fun and procrastination breaks. Here are the highlights:

While researching for the book I stumbled across this report about the science behind mindfulness. I also really enjoyed reading this intelligent discussion about dualism over at Yoga Brains.

Continuing in a nerdy fashion, I love this photo and this one of our amazing universe and also thought this animated video with words by Neil DeGrasse Tyson was excellent.

Christmas shopping for a yogi? Yoga Dork has 5 extreme yoga gifts

I thoroughly enjoyed filling out the lovely Susannah Conway’s 2013 workbook and suggest you download it asap.

Want to accomplish something you worry is impossible? Read this by Alanna Kaivalya. Maybe this from Zen Habits could help too.

Just want to look at something cute silly and a little arty? Find Momo! I love this, I really do.

That’s it from me for the week, but over to you in the comments – if you could sum up your week in one word what would that be? 

Catch you on Monday lovelies! xxx



  1. Those photos are stunning!

    My word for the week would be CHALLENGE…. it was an interesting week full of ups and downs, and many many challenging moments – lessons were learnt though, so that is always a positive in my mind :)

  2. Emily

    Thanks everyone, so sweet :)

    Lou – hope this week is less Challenge more flow!! xx

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