Top 5 High Intensity Workouts for Muscles Build Up

high intensity workouts

Lacking time? But, you still want to complete your workout routine. If yes, then move into this post and learn about some best high intensity workouts that will provide you the same result in a short period. 

Well, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) contains some of the best exercises that improve metabolism and build strong muscles. You can pick anything from the top 5 and get your job done in paving the fitness world. 

Top 5 high Intensity Workouts to do at home

1. Cycling

high intensity workouts : cycling

Cycling is the first high intensity workouts that come into our mind when we talk about HIIT. You can witness the wonder of cycling by getting one of the best electric unicycles. You not just do exercise but can also use it as a way of transportation. It comes with one wheel, battery, motor, and other electronic stuff. With this cycle, the user has provided the thrills and fitness altogether. You can also get it and witness the immense wonders it leaves on your mind and body. There are lots of benefits that you can come across while doing the high intensity workouts in self-balancing unicycles. Outlined below are some of the major ones. 

Benefits of Electric Unicycles

  • Maintain a healthy core. 
  • Build strong muscles. 
  • Increase the heart rate.
  • Improvs balancing capability. 
  • By just riding around your home, office, and town, you can witness a lot of benefits. 

2. Star Jumps

high intensity workouts : star jumps

Star jumps are popularly known for stimulating muscle groups around your lower body and upper body. Muscles such as calves, Quadriceps, gluteal muscles, and hamstrings are targeted by this star jump. Well, here are the steps to do it in your home. 

  • You need to first place in a quarter squat position.
  • Ensure the three things while placing in that position such as feet together, flat back, and palms should be placed on the outer part of your lower legs. 
  • Now, you need to jump upward with moving arms. 
  • Legs should be outward in a way that your body forms an X. 
  • When you land, just place your feet together. 
  • Now, just come back into the starting position and end your high intensity workouts s

Benefits of Star Jump

  • Boosts explosive power. 
  • Improves coordination between different muscles. 
  • Enhance overall fitness level
  • Counted as a total body workout. 
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3. Close Grip Pushups

high intensity workout : close grip pushups

Close-grip pushups are one of the variations of the standard push-up. It works on specific body parts that include pecs, triceps, and deltoid. These are the steps that you should need to follow to start your high intensity workouts. 

  • Start with a plank position. 
  • Ensure your body posture that everything is in proper alignment. 
  • Neck, shoulder, wrists, and back should be neutrally placed. 
  • Slightly move your hands and bring your elbows to the ribs when you move towards the ground. 
  • The core and spine should be in a proper position. 
  • You need to act just like in the pushup exercise. 
  • Now, just go two inches more on the outer part of the shoulder and place your hands there. 
  • Don’t contract your elbows, they can be placed wide when you like you move lower in a pushup position. 
  • Always fix a neutral position between your spine and neck. 
  • Now, straighten your arms by pushing your hands forward and comes back to the initial posture. 
  • Make sure that you complete around two sets of five reps before getting into other high intensity workouts. 

Benefits of Close Grip Push-Ups

  • Enhance core stability
  • Activate the stabilizer muscles
  • Stimulate upper-body strength

4. Reverse Crunches

high intensity workouts : reverse crunches

You may have heard of the abdominal crunch exercise. It can be used as high intensity workouts. Well, reverse crunches in one variation of that. You can use this exercise as a total body workout. It works wonders for anyone who wants to carve out a six-pack. To do this at your home, you need to follow some of the measures given below. 

  • To initiate, lie flat on the back in a relaxing position.
  • Your arms should be down and your fingertips should be facing towards the feet. 
  • Now, bend your knees upward as the things make a perpendicular angle with the floor. 
  • You can perform a crunch. Try to move your knees in the upward direction. 
  • Push the knees in an upward way and then place your feet on the ground. 
  • You can do it intensely with a repetition mode.

Benefits of Reverse Crunches

  • Improves the posture of the rectus abdominal
  • Proves to be more delightful on your back
  • Functions on other muscles as well
  • Easy to set up
  • Removes strain from your neck

5. Toe Touches

High Intensity workouts : toe touches

Toe touches are the fifth and last exercise that you can consider for high intensity workouts. It targets some of the key muscles such as the rectus abdominis. It is located at the center part of your belly that every one of you knows as Six Pack. Outlined below are steps that help in toe touching. 

  • First of all, lie peacefully on your back. 
  • Now, move both of your legs in the upward direction. 
  • Also, lift your arms above.
  • Try to lift your upper back in a way that hands can touch the feet. 
  • Brind down your legs and your arms in the opposite direction. 
  • Your shoulders should not come in contact with the floor while your lower back can touch it. 
  • Do the same in one repetition or two. 

Benefits of Toe Touches

  • Provides mobility to hamstring and back
  • Helps in forming abs
  • Improve movement during several activities. 
  • Achilles tendon injuries can be reduced

Final Word!

Well, these are the key benefits and procedures of these 5 different high intensity workouts. We have tried our best to include the best one for you. Hopefully, you like this informational guide. Although you can choose the three or four according to your convenience it would be best to go with all of them. 

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