Cycling After Yoga : The Best Way to Increase Flexibility

cycling after yoga

As the title suggests, here we are going to discuss the benefits of cycling after yoga. We have prepared this guide solely for cyclist enthusiasts who want to improve their skills. So, make sure to read it entirely and know-how yoga works for enhancing your skills. 

5 Key Benefits of Cycling After Yoga

1. Spine gets Aligned

Cyclists usually face pain in areas like the shoulders, neck, lower and upper back. This is caused due to sitting in that position for long hours that results in the weakening and overstretching of ligaments. Moreover, intervertebral discs get weak and incorporate pain. 

cycling after yoga : mountain pose

With the yoga asanas, cyclists can align their neutral spines and secure their core muscles from getting weak due to such reasons. Although there are lots of yoga poses, the best one for you is the Mountain pose. It provides mobility to different muscles like glutes, hamstrings, and hips. Thereafter, give you the real essence of cycling after yoga. 

Not just cyclists but a common man can also face this kind of situation by spending long hours on the chair. It can lead to upper body kyphosis. So, make sure to add this yoga asana to your daily routine if you want to stay fit and active. cycling after yoga has a lot of other benefits too that you will get in the post below. 

2. Low Risk of Injury

Whenever we are cycling, the threat of injury becomes increases. It can bring risk to your legs and back. Well, we can reduce it by getting one of the best full suspension mountain bikes under 2000. The pricing of this bike may come under your budget. This tool makes you enjoy your cycling after yoga. 

cycling after yoga : standing forward fold

If we talk about the yoga asanas then standing forward fold can bring lots of benefits. It not only reduces the risk of tears and strains but also improves core strength. During cycling, hamstrings get a limited amount of time to fully lengthen because the leg becomes unable to reach full extension. Thereafter, hamstrings lose their flexibility. That’s why we provide you this yoga pose. Make sure to do cycling after yoga to witness its work on your body. 

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3. Enhanced Core Strength

The core includes 35 different muscles that join the pelvis from the upper spine to the lower hips. This group of muscles is named core because of the stability and strength associated with it. You can find four musculature here such as abdominals, hip muscles, back extensors, and lateral trunk muscles. This point may compel you to try cycling after yoga. 

cycling after yoga : wheel pose

A strong core enables cyclists to perform better even if they get tired due to excessive hours of cycling. Through yoga, a cyclist can achieve a neutral spine. Wheel pose and boat pose are one of a kind that helps to get an improved core. With this, you will have a lower risk of back injuries. Also, it decreases the pressure on the wrists and shoulders part. 

Well, you can have your dream ride by just adding some asanas to your routine. Make sure to do at least 4 or 5 yoga postures for keeping your spinal cord dense and active. Cycling after yoga is really a boon that improves the skill in a better way. 

4. Smooth Breathing Pattern

Yoga not only works for keeping our body aligned and powered but also enhances the breathing pattern. The yoga breath is quite different from the regular breath which we all take. Yoga breath involves inside focus through its controlled and slow way of breathing. 

cycling after yoga : ujjayi pranayama

With this breathing practice, cyclists feel an escape from every kind of tension that ultimately makes them more focused on their goals. There is no denying that pranayama supports and helps in breathing patterns. A cyclist should inhale in a way that expands the lung and constructs the body for maximizing the respiratory system. As it is a very important part of a cyclist so here are the steps through which you can enjoy this breathing pattern and cycling after yoga. 

  • Make sure that you have sat comfortably. 
  • Now, take a deep breath till you complete 10 counts. 
  • Hold the breath for the same interval.
  • And then, exhale it smoothly by completing 10 counts.
  • Make sure that you do it in repetition for 5 sets. 

Breathing exercises are quite good for riding with sprints to the hill climbs. Cyclists become more comfortable while riding through these breathing practices. 

5. Increases Focus by lowering Tension

There comes many factors while riding that affect mental, emotional, and physical peace. The cyclist loses his essential power due to such disturbance in body and mind. So, there has to be a proper way of maintaining inner peace even if the outer world is noisy.  

cycling after yoga : improved focus

Every one of us gets stressed due to daily life demands and requirements that bring imbalance in certain notions. So, there has to be a proper yoga practice that diminishes the effect of muscular and physical tension on the body. Yoga is the best platform for increasing mental acuity.

Well, you can improve your cycling skills by indulging in any activity of yoga-like focusing on breathing patterns, using mantras, and getting into the habit of postures and asanas. Stress can prove to be really threatful for your mind and body so make sure to root out it through meditation and yoga practices. 

Last Word!

Yoga provides a gateway to explore infinite benefits and possibilities. Everyone is indulging in it to keep a good balance between body and mind. Not only just cyclists but we all should witness the calmness it holds within. Through various stretches, postures, and asanas, it produces a great way of warm-up before riding. You can witness more benefits than discussed above just by getting into cycling after yoga.  

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